Asset Management

Oil and Gas Products

ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd is a UK based company focused on Oil & Gas Products and Services with an emphasis on JP54, Jet A1, D2, D6, BLCO, Bitumen and Methanol, operating from England and Wales, US, Greece, Cyprus, Middle East, and the Gulf Area.     
Our Mission is:
-To serve as a bridge between Buyers and Sellers
–To promote the mutual interests for the best possible results
-To achieve financial success

PR and Business Development

We offer Asset Management, Investments,Public Relations and Business Development Opportunities. With our customers’ oriented business profile, we help you getting the right decisions, workable action, business plans and more ADDED VALUE to your Investments.
ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd works on a simple formula: The company does not own the assets. The customers or partners assign the management of the assets to ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd.
The procedures and the sign agreement may assume some legal obligation to take care of assets on behalf of the customers.
ANDREAS HADJOUDES is an Executive Advisor and PR Professional with many years of experience in Business Development and Management. He possesses diplomas in Sociology, Political Science, Media Studies and graduate education in Economics, European and Development Studies.

ANDREAS HADJOUDES worked at the Swedish Radio and the European Commission, mostly as a PR man and Event Manager. He is now the Owner and Founder of ADF Asset and Investment Co Ltd, a company dedicated to assisting BUYERS and SELLERS to connect to each other.
For any further information, please contact ANDREAS HADJOUDES, the Founder at: adfasset@gmail.com

Skype: andreas.hadjoudes2