A Team of Professionals

Oil and Gas Products

We focused on Oil & Gas Products and Services with an emphasis on Jet A1/TS1, D2, D6, BLCO, Bitumen,LPG, LNG, Aviation Kerosene Grade 54, operating globally.     
Our Mission is:
-To serve as a bridge between Buyers and Sellers
–To promote the mutual interests for the best possible results
-To achieve financial success

PR, Business Development, Oil and Gas

Our Team of Professionals consists of members of an industry leading Consultancy Group. Our main task is to act as a bridge between Buyers and Sellers of Oil and Gas Products. Our highly customized members have extensive experience and bring each buyer and seller a combination of services in supplying and proceeding to achieve the best possible results.
We focus on strategy and long - term decision making process by creating longstanding business relationships. We also concentrate on practical actions and we do not waste the time of our Buyers and Sellers.
We act together with our Buyers and Sellers to find the most reliable solutions. We implement a new methodology and follow the rules assigned to us by the business culture and the market:
Our potential buyers will get an unofficial Soft Corporate Offer from our Supplier/Seller in the Russian Federation.
Upon accepting the rules and procedures of the specific Oil and Gas product, the BUYER will send a presentation letter to us with bank credentials (the name of the bank).
The SUPPLIER (SELLER) will check the financial capability of the BUYER and upon acceptance will send an official FULL CORPORATE OFFER.
The BUYER accepts the FCO and issues the ICPO.
After signing the CONTRACT, the BUYER and the SELLER will sign the NCNDA/IMFPA where the commission of all MANDATES/INTERMEDIARIES on the seller’s or buyer’s side are guaranteed.

ANDREAS HADJOUDES is an Executive Advisor and PR Professional with many years of experience in Business Development and Management. He possesses diplomas in Sociology, Political Science, Media Studies and graduate education in Economics, European and Development Studies.

ANDREAS HADJOUDES worked at the Swedish Radio and the European Commission, mostly as a PR man and Event Manager.
For any further information, please contact ANDREAS at: adfplan@gmail.com

Skype: andreas.hadjoudes2

URGENT CALLS + SMS: +357 99617969